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Fifty years of the Gibson Flying V and Explorer

Guitarist magazine's celebratory issue goes on sale on 8 May in the UK
Guitarist magazine's celebratory issue goes on sale on 8 May in the UK

In the 50 years since their inception as misfits in the Gibson catalogue, the Flying V and Explorer have become rock icons.

If for some reason you don't know what all the fuss is all about, then how about checking out Albert King playing Move To The Outskirts on his V, or Dave Grohl using an Explorer back in 1995 with the first incarnation of the Foo Fighters line-up? What about Hendrix in the 1967 promo for The Wind Cries Mary, or The Edge´s famous Explorer, soon to be auctioned for charity, in action with U2 at Live 8? It certainly doesn´t get much cooler than Marc Bolan rocking Top Of The Pops with his Flying V.

Here´s a video kindly supplied by the Interactive Gibson Bible (Jawbone Press), with Dave Hunter and Carl Verheyen playing two Flying Vs. For more on Jawbone Press, click here.

Tying in with the anniversary, the June 2008 issue of Guitarist magazine - on sale in the UK 8 May - has a huge cover feature devoted to Gibson´s most shapely axes. Not only is there grade A guitar porn to be found in the form of glossy close-ups of some ´58 and ‘59 originals but also an in-depth look at the evolution of both models and their relatives.

Also, check out the angular Gibsons on offer in stores today, and the artists who made these guitars so revered. In addition, Guitarist´s June 2008 issue features a free DVD packed with tuition tips from the likes of Brad Davis, Buddy Whittington and Antonio Forcione. This teaser video gives you a sneak preview of what´s on offer: