Fender debuts new bass lines

Look, it's a nice loud bass amp
Look, it's a nice loud bass amp

Fender has launched the TB-1200 tube bass amp head and three different bass cabs.

The TB-1200 is based on the TBP-1 tube bass preamp and, says Fender, benefits from its passive tone stack with an interactive nature - each knob affects the others, resulting in big warm notes that represent the natural sound of the bass being played. The TB 1200 head delivers 1200W, you get overdrive, Vari-QTM, FX Loop and Mute - all accessible via a 4-button footswitch.

US retail is $1899.99. Careful how you spend that extra cent, people.

There are also three new bass cabs, the 810 PRO, 610 PRO and 215 PRO. Pictures paint a thousand words, so watch the video demo.