Fender announces Elvis Costello Signature Jazzmaster

The Fender Jazzmaster is 50 years old in 2008, and one of a series of special events to mark this anniversary is the launch of the Elvis Costello Jazzmaster, a detailed replica of the instrument that appeared on the cover of Costello´s iconic 1977 debut My Aim Is True.

The original instrument has undergone numerous modifications since the late 1970s, so Fender´s Justin Norvell examined archive footage and worked closely with Costello to ensure that details such as the hue and lustre of the walnut finish are correct.

Costello says of his Jazzmaster: “This is a brutal sounding guitar. It suits the way I play. But this guitar, it´s had a funny life. And I´ve just always stuck with it; I always come back to it. I´ve done all sorts of different music, but whenever it´s involved electric guitar, I don´t think there´s one record I´ve made on which the Jazzmaster doesn´t feature somewhere.”

Fender´s new Elvis Costello Signature Jazzmaster replicates the guitar as it existed at the time he recorded My Aim Is True. Unique features include a post-´68 neck design, a walnut stain finish and a tremolo with easier and greater travel, essential for that Watching the Detectives tone, or what Costello calls that ‘spy movie´ sound.

To hear that wiry ‘spy movie´ sound in action, check out this great clip of Elvis Costello & The Attractions performing I Don´t Want To Go To Chelsea in 1978.

The new Elvis Costello Jazzmaster is available now, with a UK RRP of £1499.99. Visit the official Fender Jazzmaster 50th anniversary website for more.

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