Fall Out Boy used GarageBand for demoing new album, Folie A Deux

You can take the boys out of the garage...
You can take the boys out of the garage...

Fall Out Boy's latest album, Folie A Deux, will be out November 4. Prior to the release, guitarist Joe Trohman spoke to MusicRadar about the band's demoing process. Trohman revealed that GarageBand is the band's application of choice.

"GarageBand is so cool and very user-friendly," says Trohman. "We've used other programs, but for us, GarageBand offers us a better way to get our ideas down. Patrick [Stump, the band's singer-guitarist] will lay down a lot of his musical ideas on GarageBand and then he'll send me the files and I'll get to work on my guitar parts on own system.

"What's great is, they sound like real records. Plus, GarageBand allows me to get great tones, so when I put down guitar lines, the band doesn't have to sit there and guess what they're going to sound like. They pretty much know what I'm going to do on the record."

For a stunning example of this process in its completed form, check out Fall Out Boy's first single from Folie A Deux, I Don't Care, right here.

Be on the lookout next week for the full podcast interview with Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman.