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Exclusive video lesson: Beware Of Darkness' Howl

Los Angeles-based indie rockers Beware Of Darkness have a lot going for them. First off, they're named after one of George Harrison's greatest songs, so that alone makes us like them. But it's their tenaciously intelligent brand of hard-stomping blues rock, a crafty meeting of Zep and the Black Keys, that draws us in even more.

In the above video guitar lesson, exclusive to MusicRadar, frontman-guitarist Kyle Nicolaides breaks down the guitar patterns to the band's alternative radio hit, Howl.

And if you need a refresher on how the song goes, check it out below. Beware Of Darkness (which also includes bassist Daniel Curcio and drummer Tony Cupito) release their debut album, Orthodox, on 7 May. The set was executive produced by one of our favorite record makers, Dave Sardy - so that's one more reason why we like about these guys.