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Exclusive clip from It Might Get Loud

White, Page and The Edge get 'Loud'
White, Page and The Edge get 'Loud'

Earlier this year, MusicRadar received an advance screening of It Might Get Loud, the new movie starring Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.

The film has now opened in New York and Los Angeles and will expand to other cities in the coming months.

Directed by Davis Guggenheim, Oscar winner for An Inconvenient Truth, It Might Get Loud focuses with laser-beam intensity on the three guitarists, exploring the magical hold the instrument has on them while offering insight into myriad ways the trio push the boundaries of the six-string.

Check out the video clip below in which The Edge, assisted by his trusty guitar tech Dallas Schoo, tries out numerous guitar and effects combinations, unearthing sounds both heavenly and heavy-duty.

"I drive everyone crazy," Edge explains in the film.

"I drive myself totally crazy trying to get the sound that I can hear in my head to come out of the speakers. It's my voice. That is my voice - what's coming out of the speaker."