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Eminem disses Amy Winehouse in We Made You

Slim Shady sends up Sarah Palin and Bret Michaels
Slim Shady sends up Sarah Palin and Bret Michaels

If you're a public figure, sooner or later Eminem is going to set his sights on you. In the video to his new single We Made You, the rapper relentlessly skewers Amy Winehouse, Bret Michaels, Jessica Simpson, Sarah Palin...the list goes on and on.

And those are just some of the celebrities portrayed in the Joseph Kahn-directed clip, which crams so many pop cultural references into 4 minutes and 36 seconds, one has to watch it several times to catch them all. (Check it out below)

Eminem also appears (at times with producer Dr Dre) acting in spoofs of Rain Man, Star Trek and Jailhouse Rock. There's even a tribute to the Fargo wood chipper scene - you've got to love that.

We Made You is from Eminem's upcoming album Relapse, due 15 May. The rapper is said to be releasing another CD, Relapse 2, later this year.