Elektron announces the "ultimate" distortion pedal, Analog Drive, and it isn't just for guitarists

Synth manufacturer Elektron has announced its first stompbox pedal, Analog Drive. This is a 100% analogue distortion unit featuring no fewer than eight different distortion circuits.

The announcement comes just over a month after Elektron announced its desktop distortion and saturation effects unit, Analog Heat.

The Swedish firm isn't turning its back on its synth roots, as this new stompbox unit isn't designed just for guitar; it's also aimed at bringing out the best of your trusty old mono synthesizer.

Jonas Hillman, CEO of Elektron had this to say on the new product. "Analog Drive represents something completely new. The eight different analogue distortion circuits makes the Analog Drive the most flexible stompbox there is. And it sounds just beautiful. It is the perfect match for any guitar rig and does wonders for mono synthesizers and vintage drum machines too. There is nothing like it".

Alongside the eight analogue circuits, Analog Drive also includes a 3-band analogue EQ with sweepable mid. You can also store up to 100 user presets, and all settings are fully controllable via MIDI. It can even send MIDI program change messages.

Analog Drive is available now and retails for $379/€399/£349. Delivery times are estimated at 5-7 business days. For more information and to check out the interactive demo, go to the Elektron website.

Analog Drive specifications

  • 100% analog signal path
  • 8 different analog distortion circuits
  • 3 band analog EQ, with sweapable mid
  • 100 user preset slots
  • MIDI IN/OUT ports
  • ¼″ audio input
  • ¼″ audio output
  • 2 × Expression pedal input
  • Fully controllable via MIDI
  • Capable of sending MIDI program change

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