Eddie Van Halen's stage-played 5150 guitar for auction

Want a chance to bust out Eruption on one of Eddie Van Halen's actual stage-played guitars? You're in luck - one of his axes from the 1986 5150 tour is up for auction.

Here's the catch: It's going to cost you. Estimated worth of the instrument is between $35,000 - $48,000, with the starting bid at $25,000.

Still, it seems like something of a deal to us, considering that Fender charged $25,000 for each one of its replicas of Eddie's "Frankenstein" guitars a while back.

The guitar comes courtesy of Kevin King Dugan, who was Van Halen 's crew chief for 25 years. Presently he works for both Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony in the Waboritas (and presumably in Chickenfoot, once they start touring). Somewhat famousy, Dugan came up with the design of Michael Anthony's Jack Daniel's bass, which at the the time Anthony thought was a stupid idea - until it went on to become one of his trademark instruments.

Eddie signed the guitar twice

Edward presented Dugan with the autographed guitar at the end of the 1986 5150 tour. The signature on the front is dated 1995 because it is the second time the artist signed it - the guitar was stolen and eventually retreived, but not until thieves stripped half of the guitar's paint job. Upon its restoration, Eddie re-signed the guitar for Dugan.

The guitar will go under the hammer as part of the 100% Vintage Guitar & Collectibles Auction Live at the Arlington Guitar Show in the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas. The auction will take place at the north bank of connected hospitality rooms on Friday, October 17, 2008 at approximately 7 pm Central Standard Time. The auction has been delegated this time slot so as not to conflict with any dealer or VIP transactions on Friday, Saturday or Sunday of this event.

For more information on bidding, please visit the official 100% Vintage Guitar & Collectibles Auction website.

And should you win the guitar, and you should you play Eruption on it, at least don't do it at school like this guy.That's just wrong.

Joe Bosso

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