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Dr No showcases mad skulls with limited-edition SkullFuzz pedals

Does Dr No ever take a break from producing wacky pedal designs? It seems only a few weeks go by before another turns our collective head, and the latest to do the honours is the mind-blowing limited-edition SkullFuzz.

Available in gold, silver, copper and black finishes, these snazzy skulls are the result of a collaboration with Dutch sculpture artist and guitarist Peter van Elderen, who originally built his version of the fuzz for Holland's RoadBurn festival, but is now offering it up as a short run.

Each pedal on this limited run includes the original SkullFuzz's "insane, very versatile" tones - controlled via volume and fuzz controls plus a low/regular toggle switch - while its enclosure is made from fibre-strengthened casting material with a steel outside layer, making for a thick skull indeed.

If you want one of these to stick on your pedalboard/mantlepiece, you'll need to act fast - just 24 of the pedals are available (six in each colour) from Dr No Effects for €389 apiece.