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DigiTech unveils Mosaic 12-string simulator pedal

Not long after the announcement of the Polara, Drop and Luxe, the DigiTech renaissance continues with the Mosaic, a pedal that turns any electric or electro-acoustic six-string guitar into a 12-string guitar.

As opposed to other octave effects, which simply add an additional octave up to all strings, the Mosaic utilises an intelligent polyphonic pitch shifting algorithm to add an octave up to the low strings, and double the high strings, just like a real 12-string.

The effect is shaped by independent level and tone controls, while nine-volt operation from the included power supply plus true bypass switching makes it easy to integrate into existing pedalboard setups.

The Mosaic will be available early next year in the UK for £129. Check out the DigiTech website for more info.