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DelSonix's clip-on speaker amplifies an unplugged electric guitar by up to 12dB

The sound of an unplugged electric guitar hardly inspires creativity - and that's if you can hear it at all - but Canada's DelSonix aims to boost the electric's raw sound with the SD28 clip-on guitar speaker.

The SD28 is made up of a hollow wooden pickup with bottom resonating cavity, which is clamped to the guitar's headstock and picks up the instrument's vibrations, and a resonator, which then projects the sound.

DelSonix claims the passive device works with all electric guitars and basses, and can increase loudness from six to 12dB depending on guitar design.

By rotating the resonator, guitarists can project the sound in specific directions, while the entire device rolls up into a one-inch tube for storage.

The SD28 is available now from DelSonix for $34 CAD (£17/$24 US), and ships to Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.