Deep Purple unveil free TC Electronic TonePrints

Roger Glover (left) and Steve Morse (right) have kindly supplied some reverb and delay tones
Roger Glover (left) and Steve Morse (right) have kindly supplied some reverb and delay tones

TC Electronic has announced the addition of five free Deep Purple TonePrints, created in conjunction with bassist Roger Glover and guitarist Steve Morse.

Like all TonePrints, the signature effects settings are free and can be downloaded to compatible TC Electronic effects pedals. In total there are four reverb TonePrints for the Hall Of Fame pedal and one delay TonePrint for the Flashback X4 pedal.

Roger Glover's two reverbs include the Jaco Pastorius-inspired 'Spare Room 1', which draws influence from the bass legend's solo sound, and 'Fun At Home' - a swelling hall reverb designed for adding a bit of thickness to your tone in a studio/home environment.

Steve Morse's three efforts include 'Spring' (a spring reverb that's suited to crunch/lead tones), 'Beautiful Reverb' (designed to create lush, full clean tones) and the imaginativey-titled 'Delay', which is more interesting than it's title suggests - utilising the Flashback X4's stereo delay capabilities to send a completely dry signal to one amp and a completely wet signal to the other.

Head to the TC Electronic Deep Purple TonePrints site to download them for free and find out more about their creation.

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