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Cog Effects revamps Tarkin fuzz pedals for guitar and bass

Sheffield's finest, Cog Effects, has shrunk its existing Tarkin fuzz and updated the Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz.

Now occupying a mini chassis, the new Green Russian-based Tarkin adds LPF and HPF filter switches to reduce the typical Muff mid-scoop and cut through a live mix.

In addition, internal switches adjust the pedal's clipping from smooth to crisp and remove either pair of diodes from the four-transistor fuzz circuit.

The Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz, meanwhile, features the mids, tone and clean blend controls from the original, but adds two pairs of clean level and fuzz level controls, as well as an extra footswitch to switch between the two settings on the fly.

Both pedals are built in Sheffield, UK, feature true bypass switching and operate from standard 9V power supplies.

The Tarkin (£130) and Grand Tarkin (£160) are available now from Cog Effects.