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Buzzcock's smashed guitar reissued

In January 1977 The Buzzcocks made history. Not only did the release of the Spiral Scratch EP on their own New Hormones label make them the first punk group to establish an independent record label, but also kick-started a music industry revolution.

Buzzcock Pete Shelley used one guitar for the recording of the EP, his strange Starway electric which in true punk style was broken in two pieces. Shelley kept the original guitar after retiring it in 1978, while bandmate Howard Devoto kept the broken top half.

No stranger to recreating vintage curios, Mike Robinson at Eastwood Guitars collaborated with Pete Shelley for a limited edition run of just 88 recreations of the original Starway, all of which are hand-signed by Shelley himself.

The instrument, which comes packaged in a custom hardshell case with the original 1976 Buzzocks logo along with several other goodies, is available from for $1089 (US) or £529 (UK) plus shipping costs.

To see Pete Shelley talking about the guitar, click here.