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Brett Domino's Justin Timberlake medley

"Don't fear me baby - it's just Brett Domino."
"Don't fear me baby - it's just Brett Domino."

We're not sure how we managed to miss it, but a couple of weeks ago, Brett Domino posted his latest video on YouTube: an inventive medley of Justin Timberlake hits.

As always, it's a mixture of the hilarious and impressive: there's some clever video editing going on as Domino and regular musical cohort Steven Peavis rip through SexyBack, Like I Love You and LoveStoned.

Instruments played along the way include the Stylophone Beatbox, iPod touch (running DigiDrummer Lite), kazoo, thumb piano, shaker, Stylophone, cowbell, recorder, ukulele, Theremin, spoons, and Roland's AX-Synth.

What has to be acknowledged, once again, is the quality of the musicianship. Brett Domino: we salute you.