Bono and The Edge join Fender board of directors

U2's finest, not playing Fenders.
U2's finest, not playing Fenders. (Image credit: Corbis)

Bono and The Edge are to join Fender's board of directors.

Commenting on the appointment, The Edge said it was: "something of a kid in a candy store situation for me. I've been a fan of Fender guitars from the beginning, playing them on all the most important U2 tours and albums. But I'm most interested in working with the Fender design team on some new ideas."

"I believe that guitars are here to stay and, far from digital technology being their death knell, I think it throws up some new ways to power creativity and give people greater access to the huge potential of the electric guitar

"It was the combination of time-honored traditions of guitar production with some very fresh ideas about what the company can do going into the future that hooked me

"I'll continue to use my favorite guitars and amps and effects units made by other companies. I'm sure I always will, but I'm excited about what new instruments and hardware I can help create with Fender."

There's no indication as to what those new ideas might be right now, but it looks like the U2 pair will be looking to help Fender integrate bleeding edge technologies into their product lines.

"I'm excited to be part of developing newer technologies with Fender," commented Bono on the move, "as well as helping protect the jobs and commitment to excellence of their age-old craft."

For more information, visit the official Fender website.