Bon Jovi to play entire Slippery When Wet album on tour

Sambora and co will be playing the hits - lots of them - on tour
Sambora and co will be playing the hits - lots of them - on tour (Image credit: Eckstein/Retna Ltd./Corbis)

Get ready to party like it's 1986. Bon Jovi will be performing their breakthrough album Slippery When Wet at some points during their soon-to-begin world tour.

This past week, guitarist Richie Sambora said that complete album performances are definitely being planned as part of the tour.

"We're doing like 15 nights at the O2 in London. We're going to be a lot of different stuff," he said. "I think, you know, there'll even be stuff like we might do Slippery When Wet in its entirety or Lost Highway in its entirety - stuff like that."

Regarding Bon Jovi's current album, The Circle, Sambora felt certain they would perform it in full as well. "We're really, really proud of this record and proud of the evolution that happened with [it] for us as far as musically and songwriting and all that stuff."

Sambora also addressed the fact that Bon Jovi has inherited a new generation of fans through computer games: "I mean there's kids that are just discovering us now through like Rock Band and Guitar Hero," he said. "Which is very interesting, the way they're breaking music nowadays. So there's that generation of listener."

One thing you have to say about Sambora and the rest of Bon Jovi - they sure know how to kick off a winter tour. Their first date (11 February) is in Honolulu, Hawaii. From there, the trek will cover 135 dates over 30 countries. Not all of the stops will be as idyllic as Hawaii, but we're sure the band will find a way to travel in style.

Joe Bosso

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