Bon Jovi sue female tribute band

Blonde Jersey: wanted dead or alive?
Blonde Jersey: wanted dead or alive?

To Jon Bon Jovi, tribute bands give him a bad name. Or at least one of them does: a female outfit called (until recently) Blonde Jovi. And the New Jersey rocker's attorneys have sent the girls a letter telling them to change their act.

A legal letter from the law firm Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman to Blonde Jovi states, "It has recently come to our attention that your band is using the mark and name BLONDE JOVI in connection with live musical performances; more specifically, a Bon Jovi tribute band.

"Our investigation also uncovered that you are using BJP's Heart and Dagger' Logo trademark prominently on your website. Unfortunately, and despite the fact that our client appreciates the reverence that your band pays tribute to Bon Jovi, as a tribute band, our client nevertheless is charged with the duty of enforcing its trademark rights.

"Too bad we didn't go with our original name of BOOB JOVI" Blonde Jersey on their MySpace page

"In this regard, BJP cannot allow your band to use the mark and name BLONDE JOVI (or any other BJP trademarks), as such use creates a likelihood of confusion with our client, and capitalizes on the goodwill and reputation of its well-known marks."

Blonde Jovi become 'Blonde Jersey'

In response, Blonde Jovi have chosen the temporary name of 'Blonde Jersey' (it is not known if BJP holds a trademark on the name 'Jersey'), replacing the earlier temporary moniker of Fiesta Hermosa.

Blonde Jersey (then called Fiesta Hermosa) perform Bon Jovi hits

Interestingly, Bon Jovi welcome - and even promote - other tribute acts, specifically a UK-based group called The Bon Jovi Experience.

Right there on the cover band's website, next to a picture of Jon Bon Jovi clone Tony, is a message that says, "The World's ONLY Bon Jovi Tribute to perform live with Jon Bon Jovi."

And here's a picture to prove it.

So why is an act that blantantly apes the look and name of Bon Jovi acceptable and a female group that hardly resembles the real thing the subject of legal action?

In the meantime, MusicRadar has uncovered this video of a beautiful Arabian Palomino also named 'Blonde Jovi.' No word whether Bon Jovi's legal eagles are on the case.

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