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Bob Dylan guests on Beastie Boys' Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2

Bob Dylan appears on The Beastie Boys' upcoming Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 (due after Pt 1, natch), but as you might imagine, his contribution is anything but conventional.

We sampled his ass," Beastie Boy MCA tells Drowned In Sound. The Boys previously borrowed a bit of Dylan's Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues for Check Your Head's Finger Lickin' Good, and this collaboration is no different.

The Brooklyn trio says that Bob Dylan's sample is a "spoken word" piece lifted from the iconic singer's Theme Time Radio Hour show.

Dylan's a fan

As it turns out, Dylan is Beastie Boys fan and once praised them on his radio show - that recording of the compliment will appear in some capacity on Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2.

As for Hot Sauce 1, The Beastie Boys say that the album is almost finished and will be released through the traditional channels. Part 2, however, will be distributed in a less orthodox method.

"MP3s could just rain from the sky," Ad-Rock says. As they say, check your head.