Beatles and Metallica mash-up band Beatallica launch vinyl campaign

If you love The Beatles and Metallica (not necessarily in equal measures, but that's not important), then you probably have a soft spot in your heart for Beatallica, the only group legally approved to mash-up (or bash-up) both bands.

Comprised of members Jaymz Lennfield, Grg Hammetson, Kliff McBurtney and Ringo Larz (although they've been joined on occasion by Joey Nicol, er, Mike Portnoy), Beatallica have been combining the music of The Beatles and Metallica since 2001.

Masterful Mystery Tour is Beatallica's second full-length album and features the 'hits' Fuel On The Hill and Hero Of The Day Tripper. The album is the follow-up to Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band.

Beatallica: eight arms to choke you!

As Beatallica hit the road this fall for US dates covering the West Coast and Midwest, they're utilizing Kickstarter to mobilize their fans to campaign to create limited-edition vinyl for Masterful Mystery Tour and Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band.

"The first time I heard Kill 'Em All and Revolver, they were on vinyl," commented Beatallica frontman Jaymz Lennfield. "Hell, I can proudly say I was the first kid in Milwaukee to own Master Of Puppets on vinyl. I waited outside Rushmor Records all damn day for the shipment to arrive! So, man, it is with great pleasure Beatallica announces that we're working on getting Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band and Masterful Mystery Tour out on vinyl as well. At first, I thought the only thing vinyl in this band would be Ringo's 'naughty boy' pants! Now, we can fully say we are looking to gladly join the 21st...I mean 20th century!"

Joe Bosso

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