BBE Sound Two Timer pedal

Double the fun
Double the fun

Okay, we know you can handle one at a time. But here's the deal: Do you have what it takes to be a Two Timer?

Inspired by the long discontinued Boss DM-2, still fondly remembered for its warm, haunting reverb and tape-like echoes, BBE Sound Inc. introcudes the Two Timer, essentially two analogue delays in one compact package. The BBE Two Timer offers two independent delay times, both foot switchable via the Time 1/Time2 mode switch. This makes it possible to have one delay setup for a short slapback rhythm sound, while another can be set to a longer delay for solos. The Two Timer circuit features 1% metal film resistors for pristine audio quality, true hardwire bypass for a clean signal path when the effect is bypassed, along with BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) for the warmth and character only analogue can deliver. Other features are a delay range of 0ms to 330ms, repeat and mix functions, plus on/off LED indicator. The unit is guaranteed for 5 years -- more than most relationships, to be sure.

You can see that the Two Timer looks good. Check it out and you'll see that it sounds even better. So, like we said before, two at a time...can you handle it? For only $209 US you can find out.

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