Bad, bad guitars

His playing is fine, but his performance is a bit wooden
His playing is fine, but his performance is a bit wooden

Conventional wisdom dictates that we ought to be encouraging you to spend sizeable wedges of your hard-earned on drool-worthy musical instruments and noise-making gadgets.

That said, sometimes here at MusicRadar we're in the mood to get all lo-fi on your collective ass.

Although there's precious little explanation for it, get ready for conclusive proof that with a plank of wood, rudimentary electronics knowledge and a tiny amount of ingenuity, you can make a very poor sounding 'guitar' indeed.

Behold, The Electric Junk Guitar Workshop.

Of course, some musicians have managed to use this kind of primitive instrument with a little more finesse. Not convinced? Check out Seasick Steve on his one-string Diddley Bo'.

If that's just too lo-fi for you, you may wish to revisit mid-nineties grunge-pop trio The Presidents Of The United States Of America. Two-string 'basitar'? Check. Three-string 'guitbass'? Check. A handful of quality pop nuggets? Damn straight.

(via Synthtopia)

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