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AXL Badwater series guitars

A bargain at twice the price
A bargain at twice the price

So what costs 200 bucks these days? A cab ride, sure - if you're not going too far. Groceries, yeah - if you're not buying milk. But a great-playing guitar for under two bills must be a fantasy, right? Riiiiiight...?

For the astonishing price of $199.99US list, you can pick yourself up an AXL Badwater series electric guitar and still have enough left for strings. The Badwater guitars feature distressed bodies, antiqued hardware, and the look and feel of relics from rare earth. These shockingly price electric guitars are equipped with premium pickups designed by EMG, and feature vintage distressing throughout the body, headstock and backplate. No area was spared from the destruction.

The Badwater guitars are available in three models: the crackle/brown finish has a reptilian texture that looks as if it's been dunked in sulfuric acid; the off-white model has a beautifully rusted appearance; and the brown finish model has the look of a museum-quality guitar stored away for decades.

Each guitar offers hard rocking tones, clean delivery, great playability and a one-of-a-kind style. And we repeat: a price tag of $199.00! While you're on your way to the cash machine, if you want more information, you can visit the official AXL Guitars website.