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Ask MusicRadar: submit your questions for Rivers Cuomo

Rivers throwing his guitar in New Jersey
Rivers throwing his guitar in New Jersey (Image credit: Brian Hineline/Retna Ltd./Corbis)

Rivers cuomo

Rivers cuomo

We're interviewing Rivers Cuomo from that band Weezer tomorrow.

You know, that American band with three self-titled albums (plus three others and one more on the cusp of release, Raditude) and global mega-hits like Buddy Holly, Beverly Hills and Hash Pipe? Yeah, well we're interviewing Weezer's lead singer/guitarist/songwriter/all-round pop genius Rivers Cuomo, and he's well up for answering your questions! So get 'em in…

What to do now

Get involved! Choose your question for Rivers Cuomo (make sure you think long and hard - he doesn't often say much!), and submit it like this:

Via MusicRadar (log in and leave a comment below with a link as usual)

Via Twitter (follow @musicradar and tag your submission with #askmusicradar)

Via Facebook (become a fan at and post suggestions on our wall)

Or via (just send an email the old-fashioned way)

We'll pick the very best questions and ask them during the interview tomorrow - good luck!