Amanda Palmer tells label 'Drop me' song

Amanda Palmer sings her resignation letter. But will it work?
Amanda Palmer sings her resignation letter. But will it work?

While there are still tons of musicians who would kill to get a record deal, one artist wants off her label - so much so that she's written a little song about it.

Truth be told, Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls only wrote the words to Drop Me, which she dedicated to Roadrunner Records during a recent performance in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The music, as you'll recognize when you click on the video below, is none other than Moon River.

Somewhere, Henry Mancini and Audrey Hepburn are turning over in their graves.

Not that Amanda Palmer's singing isn't beautiful (which it is). And not that her piano playing lacks finesse (she's quite accomplished).

It's her lyrics, they're...Well, how about you read along as you watch the video? You'll see what we mean. (So far, no reaction from Roadrunner.)

Please drop me
I don't fit on your roster
I'm tired of this pointless shit
Please drop me
What do I have to do
I'm tired of sucking corporate dick
You don't get me
You won't let me
Continue my career in peace and it's making me sad
Too late now to fix this fucking mess
So please just let me go
I swear you won't miss me
You don't love me
I'm not maknig you any money
Plus you'll still have Slipknot
And Annihilator and Machine Head
And Cradle of Filth and Megadeth
And 3 Inches of Blood and Life of Agony
And Mutiny Within and Hatebreed
And Killswitch Engage and Nickelback

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