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Acoustajam turns your acoustic guitar into a wireless Bluetooth speaker

Traditionally, acoustic guitar players after live backing tracks have required an external speaker or amp to accompany their strums, but Acoustajam does away with external amplification, using the guitar itself to play the music.

Acoustajam attaches to acoustic guitar soundholes via a self-adhesive strip, while included sound pads are stuck to the underside of the soundboard/top - Bluetooth tech then allows the accessory to pair with any audio device and play backing tracks and songs through the guitar, using the instrument's body as a sound chamber.

For guitarists, that means instant access to backing tracks and no need to lug around an additional speaker or amp to play your music at practice and small gigs - a boon for guitar-playing festival types.

The unit itself features an on/off control, status LED, pairing control and micro-USB port to charge the built-in lithium-ion battery.

Acoustajam is available now for £69.99 via the company's website.