Guitarist covers The Doors, Zeppelin, Clapton, Beatles, Hendrix and more in the style of Dire Straits, sounds like long-lost Mark Knopfler demos

Photo of Mark KNOPFLER and DIRE STRAITS and Eric CLAPTON; Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton performing live onstage
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Impersonating Dire Straits is easier said than done – especially when you're focussing on the instantly recognisable guitar touch of Mark Knopfler. And yet 28-year-old musician Laszlo Buring makes it sound like the most natural thing in the world, all the while covering classics by other artists.

These are the mashups we never knew we needed; Buring has done Layla, Hotel California, Stairway To Heaven, Come Together, Smoke On The Water, Voodoo Child, Paranoid, Run To You and now The Doors' Riders Of The Storm in the style of Knopfler (vocal phrasing and everything) and it's surprisingly convincing. 

Dare we say some of these Knopflerised versions might better the originals for Dire Straits fans out there – peppered as they are with lead breaks in his imitable style. 

And Laszlo is no one-trick pony either. The guitarist from the Netherlands also turns his hand at all kinds of other crossovers – including covering Knopfler's iconic parts in the style of artists such as David Gilmour and some bloke called Hendrix. He even posts his own original music to his YouTube channel.

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