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Gretsch introduces new Brooklyn and Brooklyn Micro finishes

(Image credit: Gretsch)

Gretsch has unveiled the addition of two new Nitron finishes to its acclaimed Brooklyn drum kit line: an eye-catching Blue Burst Pearl in the standard Brooklyn series, plus the retro-looking White Marine Pearl for its Brooklyn Micro set.

The new finishes - both wraps - bring the total number of colour options in the regular Brooklyn series to thirteen, seven Nitron wraps plus six satin lacquer finishes. Meanwhile, it extends the Brooklyn Micro options to a total of two along with the original Satin Grey finish. 

The Gretsch Brooklyn Micro is now available in a White Marine Pear Nitron finish.

The Gretsch Brooklyn Micro is now available in a White Marine Pear Nitron finish. (Image credit: Gretsch)

 Gretsch's Brooklyn line-up harks back to the company’s original New York factory location, which produced Gretsch drums from the company’s inception until 1970. While Brooklyn shells feature the same six-ply maple/poplar layup as the Gretsch USA Customs, the plies are slightly thicker. Brooklyn shells also feature a ‘classic’ Gretsch 30-degree bearing edge, as opposed to the USA’s 45-degree edges, offering a more vintage sound than the modern USA line-up.   

Stuart Williams
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