Gibson launches Metal And Monsters YouTube series

Gibson TV Metal and Monsters
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Heavy metal and monsters go together. They are like the cheese and burger of  pop-cultural pairings, and Gibson TV has some good news for fans of both with the launched of its new YouTube series, Metal And Monsters, a show celebrating the dark majesty of both. 

The show is presented by Matt Montgomery, a man better known as Count D, who when he is not playing bass guitar in Rob Zombie’s band is powering through his horror movie watchlist. And the first episode is a doozy – particularly if you are of the opinion that the Chuck Russell directed A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors was the best in the franchise.

Episode one of Metal And Monsters rewinds heavy metal and horror movie history back to the heady days of 1987. A more innocent age of VHS tapes and electric guitar headstocks shaped like hockey sticks, in which clean tones were mandated to have chorus and delay, and when in-camera special effects were standard and horror was really hitting its straps. 

Gibson TV Metal and Monsters

(Image credit: Neil Zlozower)

It was the year that saw Russell’s turn to put Freddie Krueger (Robert Englund) onscreen, with Dokken onboard to write the theme song, Dream Warriors. Metal And Monsters speaks to both Englund and Don Dokken, and shares a range of archive materials about a stone cold horror classic. 

The hour-long show also features a Tunes from The Crypt segment in which Count D revisits Metallica’s Black Album – whose own Kirk Hammett is an avowed monster nut, with other guests including Bill Steer from Carcass, who unpacks the history of the band who went from seminal grindcore act to top-tier death metal royalty, bringing some of the most eye-wateringly niche medical terminology into popular usage along the way.

You might never sleep again after Metal And Monster’s inaugural episode but those are the risks you take, right? You can watch episode one below. Welcome to prime time...

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