Get two classic Marshall tones from one pedal with LPD Pedal's Eighty7 preamp/overdrive

LPD Pedals is doubling down on British crunch with the Eighty7, a preamp/overdrive pedal with two flavours of Marshall tone under the hood.

The Eighty7 (stylised as EIGHTY7) name betrays its purpose as its circuit is designed to offer the hot-rodded Marshall tones of the mid to late '80s, with one mode dedicated to a Plexi, the other to a JCM800.

As such the Eighty7 has quite a range of gain on tap, warm crunch through to saturation where the harmonics come easy and there's a metal-appropriate chug should you need it. Hey, it's a modded-JCM800 tone; you know the drill...

With the Arizona pedal company specialising in recreating Marshall tones in pedal formats, it's no surprise the enclosure has the Marshall-in-a-box layout down pat. You have a row of Bass, Middle and Treble knobs, a row of Level, Presence and Gain, with a toggle switch in the middle to select the Low or High gain modes – or in real terms, the Plexi or JCM800.

The Eighty 7 is true bypass, takes a 9V DC centre negative power supply. It's priced $229.99 and is available direct from LPD Pedals

Jonathan Horsley

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