Get the perfect live mix in 10 minutes with the Uptune soundchecking app

Soundchecking can be a laborious process, with band members competing for space in the mix and loudness wars between them all too common. That’s why Upscale Technology has release Uptune, a new app that’s designed to help you complete your soundcheck in less than 10 minutes.

Now available on Android and iOS tablets (previously it was smartphone only), to use the app you need to have it installed on two devices. After linking them, you then place one where the audience will be and another on your mixing desk.

The ‘audience device’ is then used as a microphone while the band soundchecks, with the ‘desk device’ guiding you through the level setting process. You can create your own Band Preset to speed up the process, selecting a musical genre as you do so.

If you want to tailor the app more specifically, you can opt for manual configuration, selecting the type of lead guitar sound you want, for example. The app will then take this into account when it’s giving its feedback.

Other features include loudness balancing of instruments, a feedback elimination tool, a spectrum analyzer, a level meter and EQ references.

The free version of Uptune lets you carry out up to three soundchecks per month for free. If you want to do more than that you’ll need to pay $1.99 per month. You can download it now from the Apple App Store and Google Play

Ben Rogerson

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