Get a taste of one of prog’s most exciting new bands in this intricate drum playthrough

As you may have noticed, we’re suckers for all things prog on MusicRadar, so we’re delighted to play host to this drum playthrough from Brighton atmospheric rockers Porshyne who, to our ears, recall heavyweights Tool and Oceansize.

Chris Hardwick is the man behind the kit, blazing through the band’s debut single, Exit, where he employs some seriously swift tom fills, multiple snares and nifty rim action (quiet at the back, please).

I like my equipment to be as versatile as I want to be

“I like my equipment to be as versatile as I want to be,” says Chris. “I use the Meinl Byzance cymbal range as I love the dark, complex tones. They respond in a really musical way, I can lay into them and they cut through but I can also tickle them and get loads of stick sound - either way, they sing!

“I recorded our new EP (and this playthrough) with Gretsch drums. I used a bit of a Frankenstein setup, mainly Catalina maple shells but the rack is from the Renown series.

“The latest addition to my setup is my new Tiki snare drum. It’s a Black Relic 14" / 6.5" and was custom made in Brighton by Preston Prince. It’s a brass shell similar to a black beauty, and a very responsive instrument.

“I've used this drum in a number of different musical situations and it always does what I want it to do. It gives me a warm tone without losing the attack.”

Porshyne’s debut EP Environmental Music is available now from iTunes and Spotify.

Michael Astley-Brown

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