Rush legends Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee unveil new signature ale with new videos

Rush were always been serious about their music but not always themselves, which has often made for some amusing moments. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are clearly in a playful mood again above as they tease their new Rush Golden Ale collaboration with Toronto's Henderson Brewing, while posing as 'Beer Scientist' and 'Beer Drinker'.

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Geddy Lee

(Image credit: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

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We'll buy whatever they're selling but the ale isn't even not even out yet and we're already trying to think of some follow-up puns for their next collaboration… Red Brewchetta, Limelight Ale, Closer To The Hop, Spirits Of Radio, Stick It Stout, Brewvado, Bastille IPA, By-Tor & The Snow Grog,… ok, we're out! 

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