E-Instruments at Gear Expo 2024 : Desolate Guitars provides ultra-realistic, timeless guitar sounds, through iconic amps and real, recorded spring reverb

GEAR EXPO 2024: Desolate Guitars is the brand new Kontakt instrument by e-instruments, providing ultra-realistic, timeless guitar sounds, through iconic amps and real, recorded spring reverb. 

e-instruments, renowned for groundbreaking collaborations with Native Instruments, recently unveiled Desolate Guitars. If you’re looking for sounds synonymous with the cinematic scores of Lynch and Tarantino, or simply making hits in the style of Arctic Monkeys or countless other rock bands that conjure similar guitar tones, this might just be the instrument you’ve been waiting for.

Designed for music producers and composers seeking beautiful and ultra-realistic guitar tones, the handpicked collection features four classic guitars, each meticulously recorded through two vintage amps with plucks, chords, swells, and more. A real spring reverb signal complements this as part of the core sample set to create a virtual guitar instrument like no other, all recorded utilizing the classic combination of Shure SM57 and Royer Ribbon R-121 microphones, tracked through Shelford channels by Rupert Neve Designs.

The instrument's main focus centers on guitars, amps, and spring reverb, with the latter being a standout feature. The real spring reverb, not an emulation, is recorded through both amps, offering each preset with a combination of four signals that can be blended as you like; Amp A dry, Amp B dry, Amp A wet, and Amp B wet. This attention to detail ensures an unparalleled level of authenticity in the sound.

desolate guitars

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Desolate Guitars focuses on plucked and sustained sounds, single-chord strums, expressive plucks, lush chords, dynamic swells, harmonics, and mesmerising feedback. This intentional approach caters to music producers and composers seeking realism and a specific, high-quality sound in their productions.

desolate guitars

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The instrument's tremolo feature further enhances its authenticity, with two genuine tremolos modeled from the vintage amps used in the recordings. In addition to faithfully recreating these tremolos, Desolate Guitars introduces two extra tremolo styles inspired by popular pedals and a vibrato. This diversity provides users with a range of tremolo effects, adding character to compositions. The instrument also features sync-to-host functionality, combining analog heritage with modern convenience for seamless integration into music production workflows.

Desolate Guitars doesn't stop there; it offers a dedicated FX section designed by guitarists. The six-slot FX chain is customizable, allowing users to experiment with different presets for each FX slot. This setup mimics interchangeable stomp boxes with drag and drop reordering, providing endless creative possibilities for sound design.

desolate guitars

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What acclaimed musicians and producers are saying about Desolate Guitars…

"This is a phenomenal instrument, versatile and playful, and above all it sounds really fantastic. Add this to your Kontakt library now you fools!" Ed Harcourt 

"Desolate Guitars has great tones and just the right tools to get a professional-sounding performance fit for any track." Ramin Djawadi, film composer, Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Westworld 

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