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Gary Holt finds “the tone I’ve been searching for for 20 years” with KHDK’s Paranormal parametric EQ

Kirk Hammett-owned pedal company KHDK Electronics has announced its latest stompbox, the Gary Holt Parametric EQ.

Designed as an always-on EQ for use on Slayer’s final tour, the Paranormal offers control over mids, frequency and bandwidth for dialling in the sweet spot on guitar amps.

As Holt puts it, “When you hear what this pedal does to a stock Marshall head, you’re gonna shit your pants.” Blimey.

The Exodus axeman goes on to say, “This is the tone I've been searching for for over 20 years.” High praise indeed.

If you have a clean pair of underwear to hand, the Paranormal is available now, priced at $249/£195, with a limited run of 250 units.

See KHDK Electronics for more info.

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