Focusrite’s FAST Bundle can be yours at a bargain price, but only if you act quickly

Focusrite Fast bundle
(Image credit: Focusrite)

Tracy Chapman had her Fast Car and George Michael was looking for Fastlove, but over at Focusrite, the need for speed is most evident in its plugins. Indeed, the company’s FAST Bundle is designed to do exactly what its name suggests: keep you in the creative music-making flow and help you to get great results in a flash.

This essential mixing toolkit enables you to turn your ideas into release-ready tracks with the minimum of time and fuss. It comprises five plugins - Limiter, Equaliser, Compressor, Reveal and Verb - which use AI technology to do the heavy lifting. And, the great news is that, if you’re quick, you can pick up the FAST Bundle at a crazy 85% discount.

Let’s deal with the plugins one by one, starting with the FAST Limiter. This powerful mastering tool will help you prepare your tracks for streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music; thanks to its Reference Mastering functionality, emulating the sound of your favourite artists’ music has never been easier. There’s also a graphic visualizer that will enable you to make informed decisions during the mastering process.

The FAST Equaliser, meanwhile, gives Focusrite’s AI tech the chance to flex its creative muscles by analysing your audio and automatically adding EQ filters. The result? A perfectly balanced mix with minimal effort.

Similarly, the FAST Compressor will automatically control your dynamics, while FAST Reveal is an innovative plugin that can create space between tracks that are competing for attention in your mix. Foreground and background signals are automatically balanced, giving your mixes the clarity they need to really stand out.

Finally, there’s FAST Verb, which again brings AI to the fore. This will add depth and a natural sound to vocals and instruments, with the smart:engine quickly finding the right reverb and giving you a studio-quality sound. All you need to do is tweak this sound to adjust your track’s mood.

Like all the FAST effects, Verb is also a great learning tool, as you can actually see how the processing is being applied at the same time as hearing what it’s doing.

That’s the plugins covered, then, but what about those huge savings? For a limited time, the FAST Bundle is available at these shockingly low prices:

£49.98 inc. vat (usual price £329.85)

$53.98* (usual price $359.85)

€50.85* (usual price €338.97)

This isn’t a deal you can afford to sleep on, though, as it’ll only be around until 4 May 2023. In other words, you’ll need to be fast yourself if you want to take advantage.

In fact, there’s no time to waste: head over to the Focusrite website now and use the code FASTBUNDLESPRING23 when you check out to get the FAST Bundle at a super-low price.

* *EU and US prices are excluding local taxes, UK includes tax. Prices are subject to change due to local taxes.