Fender Tone Master Blonde edition amps offer a new finish, speaker and impulse responses

(Image credit: Fender)

When Fender introduced its groundbreaking Tone Master digital amps in 2019, players everywhere were amazed at how faithfully the Big F had managed to recreate the sound of its classic Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb combos without a valve in sight.

Now, Fender has introduced new Blonde editions of the Tone Master combos, but the difference is more than just a simple cosmetic change.

While the Blonde editions feature a tweed-toned vinyl covering, both models have received a speaker change, swapping the Jensen N-12K neodymiun speakers for Celestion NEO Creamback to deliver “ a more distinctive rock ‘n’ roll flavour”.

In addition to the speaker change, Fender has also replaced the Tone Master’s cabinet impulse responses, delivering pristine IRs captured with a classic combination of Shure SM57 and Sennheiser MD421 dynamic microphones.  

Finally, the Blonde edition Deluxe Reverb model has been modified to remove the virtual bright cap on the Vibrato channel. Fender says that this modification will offer  “modern players greater tonalflexibility when using distortion and overdrive pedals”.

The Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Blonde and Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb Blonde are both available from September, priced £899 and £1059 respectively. 

Stuart Williams

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