Fender reveals 16 Hot Wheels car-inspired Custom Shop guitars

It's another one of those unexpected guitar collaborations you didn't know you needed; Fender's Custom Shop and Mattel's Hot Wheels toy cars. It equates to 16 uber-cool guitars and basses carrying Hot Wheels-inspired finishes and influence. 

And we can't afford any of them. Still, they're great to look at, right? 

(Image credit: Fender)

"Hot Wheels rides have been just as much part of our team's childhood as classic guitars, so getting the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind instruments inspired by some of our favourite cars has been a dream," said Dennis Galuszka, FCS Master Builder. 

"Each builder brought their own unique take to the design process, which was influenced by the years of childhood nostalgia and the iconic orange track," adds Dennis. "The final results are works of art that pay tribute to both Fender and Hot Wheels."

Check out eight of these stunners in the gallery below. 

The full list of models for the 16-guitar Hot Wheels Collection


(Image credit: Fender)
  • Hot Wheels Mod Rod™ Strat, Dark Blue with Gold Leaf Competition Stripes
  • Hot Wheels Night Shifter Fretless Precision Bass®, Black with Blue Competition Stripes
  • Hot Wheels Bone Shaker Precision Bass, Flat Black with Bone Shaker Graphic
  • Hot Wheels Mod Rod Tele, Burnt Orange with Pinstriping by Pamelina H 
  • Hot Wheels Twin Mill Strat, Floral Blue
  • Hot Wheels Bull Whip Strat, Hot Wheels Chrome Vinyl Wrap
  • Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler Tele, Taos Turquoise 
  • Hot Wheels Rip Rod Jaguar, Black with Red Competition Stripes
  • Hot Wheels Night Shifter Tele, Pearl White with Red Competition Stripes
  • Hot Wheels™ Deora Strat, Blue Sparkle 
  • Hot Wheels Mad Manga Strat, Magenta Sparkle
  • Hot Wheels Night Shifter Strat, Hot Wheels Red 
  • Hot Wheels Muscle Bound Strat, Metallic Cadillac Green
  • Hot Wheels Rip Rod Tele, Hot Wheels Blue 
  • Hot Wheels Bad to the Blade Katana, Black Sparkle with Orange and Teal Green Trim
  • Hot Wheels Baja Truck Strat, Grey with Mint Green Striping
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