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Fender celebrates 50 years of Led Zeppelin with 4 highly anticipated Jimmy Page Artist Signature Telecasters

Guitarists can now get one step closer to capturing one of the most iconic tones in rock as Fender releases its long-awaited Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster, as well as the meticulously assembled Custom Shop Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster and Mirror Telecaster.

The models recreate the Telecaster Page played on the groundbreaking Led Zeppelin I album, released in 1969.

Originally given to him by Jeff Beck, Page’s ’59 Telecaster first saw use in The Yardbirds, and in 1967, he fitted eight round mirrors to the guitar’s body - it’s this look that’s recreated in this year’s Mirror Telecaster.

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Custom Shop Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster

Custom Shop Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster
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Custom Shop Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster

Custom Shop Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster

By mid-1967, Page had stripped the guitar of its finish and repainted it with the iconic ‘dragon’ design, as featured on the Yardbirds 68 Anderson Theatre show - Fender’s Dragon Telecaster captures this legendary look.

“The story of the instrument is the whole journey of it - from Jeff having it, to passing it on to me with such good spirit,” Jimmy Page said.

“It’s a lot of love in that gesture and the journey of it through The Yardbirds and how it was used on the first Led Zeppelin album…the journey all the way through here today. Now, it’s been restored back to its true beauty and we’ve actually been able to sort of clone it.”

Page discusses the history of the guitar further in the video above.

The production-line Mirror Telecaster features a custom ‘Oval C’-shaped maple neck, ’50s Tele two-piece body, top-loader bridge, custom single-coil pickups, lacquer finish, vintage tweed case with eight round mirrors and a black coil cable.

Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

Custom Shop models, meanwhile, are masterbuilt by veteran luthier Paul Waller - just 50 will be available, featuring Page’s handwritten signature on the headstock of the Mirror model, plus hand-painted flourishes on the Dragon Telecaster. Both come with personally signed Certificates of Authenticity.

Specs include Fender Custom Shop Hand-Wound ’58 single-coil pickups, tinted maple ‘Oval C’ neck and a ’59 top-load Tele bridge.

There’s some serious case candy included, too: the Dragon comes with a custom hardshell case, white seatbelt-style strap, white leather strap, red coiled cable, violin bow, rosin and Herco guitar picks; the Mirror features a vintage-style tweed hardshell case, black coiled cable, Ace ‘Stained Glass’ fabric strap and Herco guitar picks.

Any of these guitars is sure to add serious value to any collection, while fans will also want to keep an eye out for the production-line Jimmy Page Telecaster (£1,259), which will be available in summer 2019.

The full Jimmy Page Telecaster line-up is as follows:

  • Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster - £23,259
  • Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster - £23,259
  • Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster - £2,349 (now available to order)
  • Jimmy Page Telecaster - £1,259 (available summer 2019)

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