Eventide makes its classic tones compact with the MicroPitch Delay pedal

The promise of scaling down Eventide's iconic industry standard algorithms into compact form is always exciting and the MicroPitch Delay pedal delivers with the sounds of the H910, H949 processors and H3000 Harmonizer at your feet.


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It's the second effects pedal (opens in new tab) in the dot9 series following the Blackhole reverb (opens in new tab) and is now available for preorder.


Eventide Blackhole

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Eventide Blackhole (opens in new tab)

The MicroPitch channels the power of Eventide studio quality delay for your pedalboard (opens in new tab) with its combination of dual pitch-shifters along with fine-resolution de-tuning, delay and modulation. The result is a huge range of sonic possibilities for inspiration and creation. 

And as Eventide points out, this potential is not just for guitarists to enjoy. Vocals, keyboards, drums, strings, brass and wind instruments can all benefit here from dozens of Eventide presets that can be loaded via MIDI connection.

These presets are also accessible on the Eventide Device Manager (aka EDM a Windows or Mac OS X app). The MicroPitch can store up to 127 presets in memory, with five presets loaded on the pedal for fast access with the latching/momentary dual-action Active Footswitch. This also has a Catch-up mode to help players dial in their sound when toggling between presets/parameters. 

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Optional control is offered via an Aux switch that can be deployed for tap tempo, or a triple Aux switch can be used for easy preset changing (up/down/load).

The pedal offers bypass options including Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry. MIDI capability is available via TRS (with with a MIDI to TRS cable or converter box) or USB. The rear-panel Guitar/Line Level switch also allows level-matching with guitars, synths, FX loops or DAW interfaces. 

MicroPitch Delay parameters can also be mapped to an optional expression pedal.

The MicroPitch Delay pedal is available for $279 / £279. For more info, head to Eventide (opens in new tab).

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