Eric Clapton releases surprise new song Pompous Fool

Eric Clapton has form for releasing new songs without prior notice, but unlike his Covid restriction-era vitriolic output, this one finds him hitting his blues stride again in a way that should delight fans. 

Pompous Fool's title, lyrics and timing of release on the same day (7 July) Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the British Conservative party (he intends to hold on as Prime Minister until autumn) is surely more than a coincidence. Clapton even references 'number 10' at one point. 

Slowhand has been critical of Johnson and his government's handling of the pandemic in the past, but whatever inspired this song its honky tonk zest is definitely an improvement on last year's This Has Gotta Stop and Van Morrison collaboration Stand And Deliver. 

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Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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