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Equip any guitar pedal with impulse responses using AMT’s 9V battery-sized plug-in module

AMT Pangaea CP-16A-6F22 module next to battery

More and more guitarists are relying on impulse responses for direct sounds from their pedalboards, and now Russian stompbox co AMT Electronics has unveiled an ingenious device that can add IRs to any existing pedal.

The snappily named Pangaea CP16A-6F22 is a plug-in module that’s the size of a 9V battery, but offers the facility to store 16 impulse responses of the guitarist’s choice.

Its small size means it can fit inside 9V battery compartments, whether that’s inside pedals, preamps, power amps, load boxes or similar.

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AMT Pangaea CP-16A-6F22 module close-up

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AMT Pangaea CP-16A-6F22 module DIP switch close-up

IRs are organised in four banks of four presets and controlled via four DIP switches on the module itself, and by connecting to a computer via USB and adjusting parameters using AMT’s module software.

Adjustable parameters include:

  • ER Early Reflections (ROOM)
  • EQ Parametric EQ -5 bands parametric equalizer
  • LP Tunable low-pass filter
  • LP Tunable high-pass filter
  • PS Presence – the presence control boosts the upper mid-range frequencies
  • VL Volume – the common volume control
  • IR Impulse Response of a guitar cabinet
  • PA Power amps’ models
  • PR Preamp’s module
  • CM Compressor
  • GT Noise Gate

Installing the module requires modification of the existing pedal’s circuitboard, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, but it could prove an invaluable upgrade for keen pedal builders.

The Pangaea CP16A-6F22 is available from AMT Electronics for €81 (approx $90).

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