Empress’s grid-based Zoia multi-effects pedal can be whatever you want it to be

Empress Effects’ Zoia isn’t your average multi-effects pedal. In fact, it’s more like a modular environment in a box that enables you to create not only effects but also instruments and all kinds of other things.

Details are pretty thin on the ground at this stage - what there are we’ve listed below - but you can get some kind of idea of how Zoia works by watching the video above. It hasn’t yet appeared on the Empress Effects website, but we know that it’s scheduled for release in the spring priced at $450.

Empress Zoia features

  • Stereo operation (including Empress effect algorithms)
  • MIDI I/O - CV & clock in
  • Save patches as supermodules to speed up creation
  • Ongoing updates (new modules!)
  • Random create function to jumpstart or invigorate your process
  • Blocks can all be linked freely to multiple sources and destinations
  • Extensive favourites system: even moments can be favourited, to quickly return to a safe place if your patch goes awry
Ben Rogerson

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