Elite Acoustics launches 120-watt battery-powered acoustic guitar and vocal amplifier

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Elite Acoustics' D6-58 120 sounds like it was named in honour of a Star Wars robot. But this new high-end, lithium battery-powered acoustic guitar and vocal amplifier is sure to be a reliable companion to players looking for performance and portability.

It turns out the name is purely functional – with the amplifier boasting 120-watt of power and an onboard six-channel digital mixer. 

Elite Acoustics could have added a 32 in there, too, signifying the 32-bit digital signal processing engine that drives a compressor, noise gate, mid-sweepable EQ, high pass filter, notch filter, and phase reverse to each of the four Class-A, solid-state mic pre-amps.

But then the D6-58 120 has no shortage of impressive numbers. 

The lithium battery will give you four to six hours of playing time. It has three speakers: an eight-inch woofer, a five-and-a-quarter-inch woofer and a one-inch tweeter. It has two high-inpedence inputs, four mic inputs and six line inputs. 

The spec list is of similar length to the New York phone book.

The D6-58 120 also has an onboard reverb, chorus and delay. There's a lot going on with this amp but Elite Acoustics believe that its controls are intuitive enough for you to get started right away. 

Who needs all this functionality? Well, gigging musicians, buskers, singer-songwriters, you name 'em. The D6-58 120 can be used as a monitor, too. And its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play backing tracks or music through the amp. The main mix (selectable as direct out) and aux mix outputs allow your mix (with EQ) to be sent to a PA system or alternative speakers.  

The D6-58 120 retails for $1,199 (£971, €1,085 approx).

For full details see Elite Acoustics

The rear of the D6-58 120 gives you an idea of just how configurable this amp is

The rear of the D6-58 120 gives you an idea of just how configurable this amp is (Image credit: Elite Acoustics)
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