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Electro-Harmonix unveils Eddy – and he's a chorus / vibrato pedal

Is 2020 the year of the vibrato / chorus pedal? If you have been looking to buy one to add to your effects pedal armoury, your head is probably spinning now because the market can recently been hit with a barrage of new vibrato offerings from the Walrus Effects Julianna, Mr Black and Origin's Magnatone 57.  Now Electro-Harmonix brings its Eddy to the party.


(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

The bucket-brigade effect has familiar controls with Rate and Depth, while Tone and Volume help Eddy to fit in with your amp, electric guitar and pedalboard setup.

The Extended controls like Shape and Envelope let you go further in shaping Eddy's sound. The pedal features LFO shape warping to change the shape of the modulation from a standard sine wave to into something asymmetric for some proggy otherworldy sounds as you'll hear in the video above. 

Eddy also offers envelope and expression pedal control over its modulation rate and depth – both at the same time with an expression pedal.


(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

E-HX founder Mike Matthews says: “EHX’s long history in creating bucket-brigade based pedals goes all the way back to the Electric Mistress Flanger, the Memory Man Analog Delay and the Clone Theory Chorus/Vibrato. The new Eddy springboards off that rich heritage and adds modern control to classic sounds.”

The Electro-Harmonix Eddy is priced at $99 and includes a power supply. For more info visit

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