Electro-Harmonix announces the Andy Summers Walking On The Moon flanger pedal

Electro Harmonix Walking On The Moon
(Image credit: Electro Harmonix)

Well, this is a nice surprise! One of the most famous flanger moments in music history is getting the ultimate monument with the Andy Summers Walking On The Moon signature pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

Summers' use of the Electric Mistress on The Police's 1979 classic Walking On The Moon and Message In A Bottle from the Reggatta de Blanc album made it a truly iconic effects pedal, and this flanger hones in on that sound. And more!

"This analog flanger is a celebration of Andy’s flanging tones that helped carve his place in sonic history," says Electro Harmonix. "The key is sitting somewhere between jet flange and chorus tones that give a beautiful shimmering sound that is unmistakable."

We'll let Andy do the talking…

“This beautiful shimmering which sort of made the sound more bigger and more glamourous…became a sort of characteristic of my guitar sound," says Summers. "A big part of my guitar sound at that time in The Police was the flange sound which we have here today in this great new pedal.”

Like the Electric Mistress, there's Rate, Range and Color controls here. Rate sets the speed of modulation from slow, smooth filter sweeps to 'jittering vibrato'. Range sets how narrow or wide the effect sweeps into the bass frequency range and Color is an intensity control that can take you all the way up to jet wooshes. 

Electro Harmonix Walking On The Moon

(Image credit: Electro Harmonix)

The Walking On The Moon pedal also includes a Filter Matrix like its predecessor; this disengages the LFO from the flanger circuit, effectively freezing the flanger and  offering the player a fixed filter effect for 'chime or metallic overtones' without the typical movement many flangers bring to the sound. 

The true-bypass pedal's dry output also allows you to split your dry signal from the effected signal.

A 9V power supply is included and a tribute Walking on the Moon poster with art by Laura Josephson is included with each pedal.

The Electro-Harmonix Andy Summers Walking On The Moon Flanger is $129.

More info at Electro-Harmonix

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