The guitar Eddie Van Halen gifted to Aerosmith's Brad Whitford is up for sale

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It's not often you get the chance to buy an electric guitar that was passed from one icon to another – Greeny being a rare example we can think of – but the Music Man EVH model Eddie Van Halen passed to Aerosmith's Brad Whitford has now gone up for sale on Reverb.

The Purple finish guitar is an early model that was manufactured in October 1991 and authenticated at #127. Eddie Van Halen was traditionally generous when it came to giving guitars to other musicians – as Jerry Cantrell can testify – and this one was a personal gift to Whitford from Eddie Van Halen himself. 


(Image credit: Reverb)

Aerosmith's unsung hero went on to play the EVH guitar around the world on tour with his band from 1991-2017 (it even makes an appearance in the video for Crazy) and the guitar was acquired directly from him.

It's also ready for more action again; Whitford's guitar tech 'adjusted the neck, polished the frets, oiled the fretboard, sprayed the pots, and installed new strings' ready for its next owner. It also includes an Aerosmith inventory tag on the headstock, one of Brad Whitford's custom Aerosmith guitar picks, and a certificate of authenticity signed by him. 

It's priced at $25,674 and available to buy / make offers on here

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