EastWest Sounds at MTS 2020


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With EastWest’s ComposerCloud, you get access to over 40,000 award-winning virtual instruments including 3 million samples, phrases, and FX. State-of-the-art orchestral tools used by Hollywood’s top composers. 

Pristine concert grand pianos recorded with stunning realism. Choirs and backup singers that can sing any word you type in. Incredible world instruments from Africa, India, China, and beyond. Rock instruments – drums, basses, guitars. Synths and beats made ready for EDM and hip-hop. 

You can compose with confidence with the highest quality instruments ever recorded. There’s a ComposerCloud plan for everyone - so whether you’re a composer, a producer, or a student just starting out, you’ll have everything you need to compete against the best in the industry.


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ComposerCloud now includes EastWest’s latest blockbuster vocal product – Hollywood Backup Singers. Type in any word and have it sung by industry’s top backup singers. 

Create beautiful vocal harmonies or harness the awesome power of WordBuilder to create realistic backing vocals comprised of lyrics in any language. Or use one of the over 200 premade editable phrases and words to get you started in seconds!


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Nominated for 2020 TEC Award for Best Instrument Software, Hollywood Pop Brass features one of the industry’s top horn sections to create a sound that’s larger than life. 

Engineered by multiple-Grammy award-winning engineer Moogie Canazio, Hollywood Pop Brass features a trumpet, trombone, and saxophone ensemble that will instantly give your that fiery, punchy pop brass sound.


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The sequel to the ultimate 24-bit true stereo convolution reverb, Spaces 2 sets a new industry standard in impulse recording techniques. 

It includes 1020 reverbs recorded in some of the world’s most famous and acoustically renowned concert halls, studios, churches, as well as other off-beat locations like caverns, catacombs, train stations, parking garages and swimming pools. 

It also includes 372 instrument-specific reverbs, so you can place your string section or your brass section right where they would normally go on the concert stage.


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Coming soon – the high anticipated expansion of Hollywood Orchestra and its new companion product Hollywood Orchestrator. Once again sound engineered by Academy Award-winner Shawn Murphy (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones), Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition will include brand new orchestral recordings, powerful new features, and improved original content. Hollywood Orchestrator will be an essential tool to will help get you a blockbuster sounds within seconds.

These are just a few of the new and upcoming titles available to you in ComposerCloud. It also includes powerful new vocal products like Hollywood Choirs, Voices of Opera, Voices of Soul, and Voices of the Empire. 

The most comprehensive collection of world instruments like RA and Gypsy. Epic percussion libraries Stormdrum 2 and 3. And incredible rock and synth collections like ProDrummer, Ghostwriter, The Dark Side, Ministry of Rock 1 and 2, and so much more. Take advantage of our current ComposerCloud X special and save 45% off your first year!