EarthQuaker Devices go once more round the Sunn O))) with the Life Pedal reissue

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EarthQuaker Devices and Sunn O))) have announced a limited edition reissue of their Life Pedal overdrive/octave fuzz pedal. Earlier in the year, they released 1000 units of their earth-shattering stompbox collaboration and sold the lot in a matter of hours.

This reissue sees the Life Pedal return in an all-new gold chassis and on a limited run of 500, with 300 available to order from Reverb, price TBC, at some time today. 

Those not yet familiar with the restorative thrum of drone pioneers’ latest album can bag one of the 100 special edition packages that come with Life Metal on yellow vinyl alongside other case candy.

The remaining 200 are reserved for the drone titans’ merch table and once you’ve had enjoyed the envigorating experience of their live show sending vibrations through your very core and shaking the eyeballs from your head, you might want to grab one and try recreating the extra-sensory magic in the comfort of your own home. 

These reissued Life Pedals are unchanged under the hood. They can operate as an almighty boost stage to send your preamp tubes into overdrive, or with a distortion circuit fitted with an LM308 chip to channel some of the saturated madness of a big-box Pro Cat RAT distortion pedal, with the octave/fuzz section of the pedal is based on the vintage fuzz sounds of the Shin-Ei FY2 and FY6. A three-way clipping switch  lets you sculpt that gain stage further.

And there's a lot of gain to sculpt.

What is it that Sunn O))) say about their records? Yeah, “Maximum volume yields maximum results.” Well that sounds about right. The Life Pedal is probably packing a little too much heat for your blues-rock covers band. But experimentalists and extremists of doom, drone, and metal's underground will love it.

They’d best be quick, too. These will sell fast. Register your interest at Reverb now. NB: Dry ice and monk’s habit sold separately.

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